Lemon Baguse

Lemon Baguse


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MyBaguse makes high-quality and stylish reusable foldable bags

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Our Lemon MyBaguse was one of our very first designs and still one of my favourites!

All our MyBaguse Bags are made from 40% recycled materials and 60% ripstop nylon. They hold 2 to 3 plastic bags worth of goods and are great for many activities and outings. Whether its a trip to your local grocer, the beach or even an overnight stay a MyBaguse bag is your versatile, sustainable companion for any of your daily activities. Machine wash cold. Line Dry .

Join the movement to stop single use plastics. This small change CAN make a big difference!

I came up with the inspiration for the print during a Cape Town summer while I was day dreaming of my childhood. I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful small holding in a small town called Hout Bay. The entrance to our driveway was filled with tall, green lemon trees and a fresh citrus smell. I always remember mumming the song “Turning my head up and down, turning turning turning turning around and all that I can see is just another lemon tree” This bag is a tribute to my childhood friends Joanna and Kelly to whom i spent many fun filled hours making homemade lemonade during Summer Days in the beautiful mother city! #mylemonbaguse

My Lemon Baguse is made with 40% recycled materials and 60% ripstop nylon. It folds into a little pouch that is attached to the bag to stop you from losing it. The bags are made to be sturdy, strong and fashionable – they can hold up to 23kg   They are perfect from a trip to the grocery store, market, beach, holiday or even and overnight trip!

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